Northlakes Medical recognises the important role privacy and discretion plays in the relationship between patient and healthcare provider. We remain committed to protecting your privacy at all times.


We collect personal information for the purpose of managing a patient’s healthcare and for financial claims and payments. This information includes:

  • Medical details
  • Family information
  • Name, address, employment and other demographic data
  • Past medical and social history
  • Current health issues and future medical care
  • Medicare number
  • Accounts details
  • Health information such as a medical or personal opinion about a person’s health, disability or health status.


For each patient, we have an individual patient health record (paper, electronic or a combination of both, “Hybrid”) containing all clinical information held by our practice relating to that patient. We ensure all information kept on file remains protected. 


Our patient health records can be accessed by an appropriate team member when required. We also ensure information held about the patient in different records (for example, at a residential aged care facility) is available when required.


At Northlakes Medical, Practice Manager Jane Farnworth holds primary responsibility for the centre’s electronic systems, computer security and adherence to protocols as outlined in our Computer Information Security policy.


Northlakes Medical is bound by the Federal Privacy Act (1988) and National Privacy Principles, and also complies with the Victorian Health Records Act (2001).

To see a PDF of our full privacy policy, please click here. (link to AAP Privacy Policy document)




Please be considerate of others and cancel your appointment with a minimum two hours’ notice to allow us to fill that appointment with another person.




The practice maybe contacted by email for generic enquiries. No health or sensitive information will be transmitted via email.


It is the practices policy to not put patients through to the Doctor on the phone while they are consulting unless it is an emergency. Our reception are able to take a message or assist with your enquiry.


Most tests take at least a few days to be returned to your Doctor. It is recommended if you would like to discuss them with your doctor please make an appointment as results are not able to be given out on the phone unless of an emergency.




At Northlakes and Eastlakes Medical we take your concerns seriously. If you would like to make a complaint about our care please call our practice manager on 0243 900 688 to discuss further. 


If you prefer to make a complaint to an external authority you may choose to contact: Health Care Complaints Commission,  Locked Bag 18, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 or phone 1800 043 159.


If you are concerned about the privacy of your records you may choose to contact the National Privacy Commissioner: ph 1300 363 992.


Alternatively to complain about an individual Practitioner you may contact The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency on 1300 419 495.